During the last 2 decades, there has been a growing interest and activity in Electronic and Computer Science in India. Serious efforts started in developing Electronic Instruments not only in Private but even in Government Organisations. Satellite and Defence Departments realised the need to develop various categories of such instruments.

In Government Research and other Institutions Electronic Equipments occupied a major role and vital position. It is therefore concluded that mechanical Engineering knowledge has a positive role in Electronic Industry and its requirements. Foundation of “Alfa Electronic Equipments” was the result.

Since 1988, Alfa Electronic Equipments, have introduced Range of Electronic Enclosures, considering fast changing customer needs, depending upon their functional requirements. This has been made possible due to the excellent co-operation from our valuable customers and their feed back from time to time.

Alfa had always believed in making sincere efforts and followed the principle of business.
  • Make honest and sincere efforts to satisfy Customer’s needs

  • Be open-minded, understand and implement the sophisticated technology to achieve the ultimate goal of highest quality.

  • Concentrate efforts with continuous development and prompt services to attain the optimum level of reliability.

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